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Agile Therapy

Agile Therapy is a holistic healthcare service provider. They provide their patients with a multi-disciplinary approach to treating injury, pain and improving health and well-being.

The Approach

We began with analysing Agile Therapy's CRM to gain a clear picture of KPI's such as retention, churn and customer lifetime value. We then conducted a google analytics audit to understand website performance and gaps in data collection to monitor online bookings and customer touchpoint engagement.

The Solution

Our Anlaytics as a Service and Alytix Customer Data Platform enabled Agile Therapy to have clearer insight into their patient behaviour. We integrated their Clinico CRM system with google analytics and their marketing channels such as social media to gain clearer insight of the customer journey. We were able to identify key customer touchpoints for customer segments. So, based on this insight we could personalise the marketing experience through each touchpoint to increase engagement and booking rates.

The Challenge

Agile Therapy wanted to better understand their patient behaviour to deliver a personalised experience. Operating in a competitive market, they also wanted to implement a marketing strategy that could improve their booking rate.

The Results

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Less time spent each month on KPI reporting and analysis.

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Optimised marketing strategy resulting in significant increase in booking rates.


Increased personalisation for identified customer segments.

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Clearer insight on patient behaviour and better predict future outcomes

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