Bring Your Sales and Marketing Data into a Single View

Alytix Platform is a unique analytics as a service solution built for marketing teams. Track and analyse your data so your marketing becomes truly data driven.

Work with a marketing strategist to ask the right questions of your data and find the answers that will optimise your sales and marketing performance.

Sales and Marketing Overview

High level performance overview with easy to understand interactive dashboards. Keep on track of your sales and marketing top level objectives.  

eCommerce Analytics

Optimise your eCommerce conversions by understanding purchase behaviour and basket analysis. Deeper understanding of your audience segments and product categories will enable optimised targeting and higher engagement rates. 

Campaign Analytics

Understand which campaigns are driving ROI. Our campaign analytics suite will identify optimisation insights and how your prospects are interacting with your content.

Web and Content Analytics

How are your visitors finding your website and how are they engaging with your content? Analyse your website visitors behaviour to optimise and personalise the customer experience.

Channel Analytics

Different channels attract different types of customers. Create better understanding of which channels are performing the best and analyse customer behaviour across multi-channel experiences.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics can help companies identify patterns and likely outcomes from campaigns and their customers. Use our analytics expertise to create personalised experiences.

Competitive Analytics

Know how your competitors are driving traffic to their website, keyword search engine rankings and build a profile of their online marketing strategies to identify new opportunities and untapped niches.

Bespoke Analytics

Alytix platform is not an off the shelf software application. It is a unique solution that combines working with a marketing strategist and applying the right analytic techniques to answer specific questions to your business.

Save time and cost

No development required

Fully hosted platform

Unify silo data sources

Dedicated analyst

Campaign Management

Interactive dashboards

Leading analytics technologies

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