We apply the right marketing analytic tools and techniques with our strategic marketing expertise to generate powerful insights that inform your marketing strategy.

Do you have sales and marketing data but not sure how to analyse it? Do you feel you could be doing more with your data to boost your sales and marketing performance and ROI? Do you believe your website and content can be optimised to deliver better results?

Alytix Marketing can help transform you data with marketing analytics and generate actionable insights that can boost performance and ROI.

Our marketing and web analytic services can answer the following questions:

  • Are your marketing campaigns effective and generating a ROI?

  • Is your marketing aligned with your company and marketing objectives?

  • Which part of the marketing funnel can be optimised?

  • Who are the most profitable and best performing customers?

  • Which segments and markets are best performing and have most potential?

  • Should we be targeting new markets?

  • Who are my ideal customers and what is their profile?

  • What if and what next scenarios can improve results?

  • Are you targeting the best prospects?

  • Are you planning your sales territory effectively?

  • Which channels are performing the best?

  • What sources are my customers coming from?

We analyse your data from sources but not limited to such as:

  • CRM

  • ERP

  • Social media

  • Google Analytics

  • Digital advertising campaigns

  • Analytics from marketing tools

  • Performance metrics

  • Sales data

We also analyse data external to your business from sources such as:

  • Analysts

  • Market research

  • Competitor information

By analysing all available data from both the customers internal and external environment we can analyse sales and marketing effectives at any stage of the sales and marketing process and provide facts, insights and recommendations on where improvements can be made.

We put in place analytical tools and visualisations to help you answer the questions that will best inform your marketing strategy and plans, providing you with marketing intelligence that will put you one step ahead of your competition.

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