Data Healthcheck

We dig deep to answer the question "is your marketing data reliable to base strategic marketing decisions?"

Good quality data is the heartbeat of ensuring your data driven marketing strategy is effective. Using your marketing data to make strategic decisions is great, but you must be confident that the data is reliable enough to generate the right insights.

Alytix Marketing can help you with the first logical step into transforming your marketing into a data driven culture by:

  • Assessing what data you are collecting.

  • Assessing how you store your data.

  • Assessing how you measure your data.

  • Interviewing key stakeholders to understand what data they view is valuable and how they use and interpret the data.

We can then process our findings to provide you with a data quality score and a report on areas to improve with recommendations. We also make sure you are not missing any data gaps and missing out on generating meaningful insights to support your marketing strategy.

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