Google Analytics

We offer Google Analytics support, set-up and management

Google Analytics is a powerful platform if used to it's full potential. But yet so many companies only use a fraction of its functionality or link their site to google analytics only to rarely log in again.

Google Analytics generates insights into the performance of website and digital campaigns which so many businesses miss due to lack of understanding and know-how.

If you are stuck on how to install, set-up or generate insights from google analytics then we can help you.

Google Analytics Set-up

We can help you to set-up google analytics to track the right metrics and KPI's for your marketing strategy and plan.

Google Analytics Audit

Is your google analytics lacking in data quality and integrity? Does your google analytics require cleaning up or do you need help in improving your google analytics configuration?  We can review your google analytics set-up and provide recommendations to improve your configuration and data quality to ensure you have clean, easy to understand visualisations to generate meaningful insights for your business.

Metrics and KPI Workshop

Are you struggling to know which which KPI's and metrics to track? Our workshop will take a deep dive into your marketing strategy goals and objectives to align the right KPI's and metrics for effective measuring of your marketing. 

Once the right metrics have been allocated we will configure google analytics to track, measure and visualise your marketing performance and goals. 

Tag Management

We set up tags so you can track and measure conversions from your digital marketing campaigns. We configure custom goal and events tracking specific to your marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics Training and Coaching

We can provide training and one to one coaching on customer site on how to use google analytics effectively. Participants will develop a level of proficiency to continue managing google analytics effectively for their business. For more information on our training click here.


Google Analytics Consulting 

We take away the hassle of managing google analytics. We can manage google analytics to provide on-going support, generate insights and create easy to follow visualisations and reporting for all customer stakeholders to easily understand and track marketing performance.

If you would like to understand more about our Google Analytics services just click on the "Contact Us" icon and leave us a message.

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