Alytix Marketing provides strategic data driven marketing solutions at every stage of the marketing process.

Alytix Marketing will tackle all marketing projects and customer problems with a data and analytics centric approach.

We can help at any level, from smaller scale to larger scale projects, whether it's:

  • one-off support assisting with marketing analytics issues

  • taking the first steps towards transforming to a data driven marketing culture,

  • implementing and understanding google analytics

  • a specific strategic marketing assignment

  • larger projects that require tapping into multiple services

  • managing and running your marketing campaigns

  • a complete end to end solution developing a data driven marketing strategy from the beginning through to implementation.

We can deliver our services and solutions in the form of:

  • Hourly rate

  • Project work

  • Retainer services

  • End to end solution

  • Training and workshops

To see which solution will best cater for your requirements get in touch with us today.

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