Market Research

Understanding your market will help to inform if your marketing is targeting the right audience and benchmark your own performance.

Alytix marketing will leverage our access to analyst and market reports and combine it with in-house strategic marketing expertise to better understand customers market and external environment.

Through our various services we answer the question "what factors outside your business can affect marketing and sales performance?"

We can conduct the following:

  • PESTLE analysis

  • Porter 5 forces modelling

  • Market and target audience research

  • Competitor analysis

We can cross reference data collected from market research with analytics derived internally to create comparative visualisations of market data versus marketing performance. This enables customers to benchmark their performance and strategy against market trends.

Keyword and Competitor Research to Build Search Engine Rankings

Keywords and competitor research are becoming essential building blocks of any digital strategy. Keywords often form the basis of any successful SEO or paid search campaign.


As competitors and search engines are continually changing and evolving its important to understand which keywords will provide you with the best chance of ranking organically on search engines, which will drive most traffic from your paid advertising and which keywords your competitors are ranking higher than you.

Alytix Marketing possess the tools and expertise to provide our customers with SEO insights that provide invaluable intelligence on how to rank higher on search engines, optimise their content for search, choose the right keywords for paid advertising and stay ahead of their competition.

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