Alytix Marketing is your fully integrated data driven marketing partner

We can combine our Alytix Platform solution with managing your marketing campaigns. By utilising the data and insights we can help our customers create and implement campaign strategies.

Before launching new campaigns we dig deep into past campaign data and existing data to capture any insights that can help inform campaign strategy.

Our interactive campaign dashboards in our Alytix Platform will keep track of campaign performance. By implementing a measurement strategy we generate new insights that optimise campaigns.

Paid Search

Develop and manage a keyword portfolio. We create targeted search campaigns based on audience search behaviour and segmentation.


Increasing organic rankings through understanding of keywords, customer search behaviour, competitor activity and website analytics.

Social Advertising

Building audience profiles through segmentation and customer behaviour analytics. Optimising social ads to increase engagement rates and conversions.

A/B Testing

A/B testing provides performance insights to optimise all aspects of campaigns from creative through to audience targeting

Marketing Analytics Techniques

The following are examples of analytic techniques used for optimising marketing campaigns:


Segmenting your audience by behaviour or demographics will improve targeting. Deeper segmentation analysis based on how they engage with your brand will personalise the customer experience.

RFM Analysis

Recency, frequency, monetary analysis will inform you which customers and prospects are ready to buy or convert.

CLV Analysis

Understanding the lifetime value of each customer will indicate how much budget and resource should be allocated to the campaign.

Audience Profiling

Profiling your best customers and identify the ones with most potential will help you to build campaigns that target a mirror image of these profiles.

Churn Analysis

Identifying which customers or prospect that are about to churn will help keep customers and prospects engaged and prevent  decrease in conversions and maximise customer lifetime value (CLV)

Basket Analysis

Create campaigns based on insights identifying which combinations are most frequently bought together. Also develop campaigns based on predicting the next customer purchase or behaviour based on frequent trends and actions. 

Marketing Objectives

The following are example objectives that we apply our campaign management and analytics capabilities:

Brand Awareness

Increase your brand awareness by increasing your presence on search engines, social platforms and digital channels.

eCommerce Conversions

Improving traffic to eCommerce platforms, optimising product pages and conversion rates. Understanding customer and purchase behaviour will provide valuable insights to conversion strategies.

Lead Generation

Increase traffic to lead generation funnels. Funnel analytics will support optimising the marketing funnel for conversion rates, efficiency and reduce funnel friction.

Website Performance

Understanding user behaviour will provide greater understanding of how to improve user experience. From identifying content that drives engagement to bottlenecks that decreases website KPI's.

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