Alytix Marketing provides customer driven solutions to ensure the customers needs are met.


Typical problems customers come to Alytix Marketing with are:

  • We don't know how to use Google Analytics and interpret the data.

  • We want to obtain intelligence from our marketing and customer data to help inform our marketing strategy.

  • We want to improve our marketing campaign performance and ROI.

  • We want to track our conversions and understand which parts of our marketing funnel can be improved.

  • We need to understand our target audience and customers behaviour.

  • We want to know our best performing markets and segments.

  • We want to know which content is performing the best.

  • We are not sure which platform is performing the best and how to improve the performance of each platform.

  • We want to better understand our customer journey and attribution.

  • We don't have marketing analytics capabilities in-house but we know we need to incorporate a data driven culture in our marketing.

  • We need to improve engagement with our customers.

  • We need help building our marketing plan and strategy.

  • We want to increase traffic to our website.

  • We want to improve engagement with our target audience.

  • We want to improve our search engine rankings.

  • We want to improve conversion rates throughout the sales and marketing funnel.


However simple or complex your marketing problem, we will take a solutions based approach to ensure we tailor our capabilities to you.

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