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Our Story

As marketers ourselves we understand the value of data but also the headaches it can bring. 

We have experienced analysing marketing and customer data across many different platforms, channels and applications.


We have taken this experience into developing a suite of capabilities and technologies that enable our customers make sense of their marketing data to optimise marketing performance.

These capabilities are encapsulated in our customer data platform, Alytix Platform, which unifies sales and marketing data sources to provide performance tracking and analytics in a single view.

Alytix Marketing is a data driven marketing agency that specialises in marketing analytics, strategy and implementing data driven marketing campaigns.

We help companies leverage data and analytics that unlock actionable insights to support the creation of marketing strategies and generate revenue potential throughout the marketing process.


We can provide a complete end to end and done for you data driven marketing solution. Or we can apply our range of services and solutions to any part of the marketing process where customers are experiencing under performance, barriers to success or lack the necessary skills and resource.

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