Acquisition Marketing

All companies need to acquire new customers to be able to grow.


The many channels, platforms and technologies that can be used to reach new customers can create complexity on which acquisition strategies should be deployed.

Our data driven approach to acquiring new customers makes sure that you are allocating your time and resource to strategies and campaigns the convert prospects into customers.

What is Acquisition Marketing

Acquisition marketing focuses on all activities throughout the marketing funnel that serves to acquire new customers.

Acquisition marketing objective is to acquire new customers at a low as cost as possible.  Strategic planning, measuring and optimisation is required to make sure acquisition campaigns generate significant ROI.


There are many channels where marketers can run acquisition campaigns from social media, search engines, advertising media, email, referral partners etc. 

Benefits of Acquisition Marketing

Of course, there's the obvious. Winning new customers is the lifeblood of any organisations ability to grow and scale.

However, a successful acquisition strategy will:

  • Grow your sales sustainably.

  • Provide structure and a repeatable process to efficiently run your marketing campaigns.

  • Provide key insights to customer behaviour.

  • Understand what content your customers engage with.

  • Understand the marketing channels your audience engages with the most.

  • Calculate your costs per customer acquisition.

Our Acquisition Marketing Services

Our advertising customers can benefit from our proprietary analytics models that assess:

Goals and Strategy:

  • Goal Setting - We work with you to establish goals and targets throughout the sales and marketing funnel. We also establish ROI and cost per acquisition targets.

  • Analysis - We analyse historical data to understand activities and behaviours that drive customer acquisition.

  • Strategy - Based on the insights we map out the marketing funnel with recommendations and campaigns that align with your goals and targets.

Acquisition Campaigns

  • Campaign Set-up – We help you to set-up the acquisition marketing funnel and make sure all KPI's are tracked and measured.

  • Personalisation – We identify personalisation strategies that will optimise every stage of the funnel.

  • Automation - we can automate some campaigns based on trigger events throughout the funnel. For example, we can automate promotional offers to a user who downloaded content but did not proceed with a transaction.

Measure and Optimise

  • Funnel Analytics – Gain clear visibility into the performance of your marketing funnel. Identify bottlenecks and actions to improve each stage of your marketing process.

  • Behavioural Analysis – Identify behaviours that convert prospects into new customers. Our unified customer view will help understand what is driving engagement and conversions.

  • Optimise - Optimise your acquisition strategy by implementing actions from data driven insights. Our optimisation techniques will help drive down cost per acquisition and improve ROI.

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