Tag Management

Being able to track a customer through their sales journey is important for accurate data collection and gaining customer insight.

We help our customers set up their tag management system so marketing and ecommerce teams are effectively deploying their tags. Whether that's for marketing campaigns, web events, conversions or tracking between devices.

What is Tag Management?

First, let's explain what a tag actually is. A tag is a snippet of code that collects data for 3rd party tracking, analysis and reporting. To deploy these tags it would require a code savvy IT professional to place the code on your website or digital device. However, a tag management system enables marketers to deploy tags without having to create code. For example, in tag management systems such as Google Tag Manager, you are able to centrally manage all your tags in one place.

This is great for the non code savvy marketer, however, tag management systems still require a level of understanding to effectively deploy, manage and maintain tags so they are collecting reliable data and insights.

Benefits of A Tag Management System

Tag management is an essential tool for any data driven marketing and ecommerce team. The main benefits of tag management are:

  • Provide a foundation to tracking and data collection.

  • Enable your team to be more agile by testing, optimise and launching new campaigns faster.

  • Track behaviours and metrics that are important to your measurement strategy.

  • Reduce cost and reliance on IT.

  • Connect the customer journey and tracking between devices.

  • Main website load speeds by not slowing your website with additional code.

  • Easier to manage and identify tags that are running on the website.

What Will We Deliver?

We can either start from a blank canvas or improve your existing set-up by delivering the following services:

Tag Management Audit

  • Audit your current system – we take a look at your current tag management set-up or start with a blank canvas.

  • Recommendations and actions - based on your your requirements we will provide recommendations and actions to implement a tag management strategy that aligns with your objectives.

Tag Management Deployment

  • Tag Management Set-up – We can set-up your tag management system and implement tags for accurate and reliable data collection.

Tag Management Maintenance

  • Retained support - Tag Management requires an agile approach and we can be on hand for periodic audits, updates and fixes.

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