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Tableau Dashboard Design

We have extensive expertise with designing visually stunning dashboards in Tableau.

Whether you are an existing Tableau user or looking for an interactive dashboard to analyse your marketing and ecommerce data, we are able to design visualisations to your specifications.

Combined with our consultancy solutions and data capabilities we can make sure you are implementing analytics visualisations that drive your business forward.

What Is Tableau?

Tableau is the leading business intelligence tool that helps to connect your data sources and create visual representations of your data.

Tableau simplifies large amounts of raw data so you can easily identify trends and insights to make data driven business decisions.

We can design interactive dashboards in Tableau tailored to your analytics and data requirements. We have the expertise to design dashboards that communicate engaging data stories and provide you with the insight and information that supports your needs.

Why Tableau Dashboards?

Tableau consistently ranks as the leading business intelligence tool by research organisations such as Gartner.

With its proven capabilities to analyse large data sets effectively and efficiently we are able to:

  • Provide a flexible analytics solution that can be easily deployed in your organisation.

  • Design a dashboard visualisation to align with your requirements and marketing strategy.

  • Integrate your data sources into the dashboard.

  • Optimise the dashboard for faster and improved performance.

  • Provide consultancy and recommendations on how to integrate Tableau into your business.

Our Tableau Dashboard Services

Our customers can benefit from our Tableau dashboard design capabilities:

Dashboard Requirements

  • Design Requirements - We understand what data and KPI's you want to track and what insights you want to view. We then build out deigns tailored to your requirements.

  • Connect Data Sources - We understand what data sources you need to connect to the Tableau to build your dashboard and analytics visualisations.

Dashboard Design

  • Get to Work – We begin the build of the dashboard with careful consideration to design best practices.

  • Validate data - Once the dashboard has been built we validate the data and analytics to ensure the tracking is accurate and you have trust in the data.

Analyse Data

  • Generate Insights – We analyse the data to generate insights that will provide actions and recommendations to optimise your marketing and sales.

  • Training - We train your team on how to use the dashboard and all of its features. We make sure the dashboard and analytics become embedded in your teams data driven culture.

To see how we approach delivering our services and solutions click here

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