Unified Customer View

In todays complex customer journeys creating a unified customer view is essential to gaining customer and marketing insight.

With the abundance of marketing platforms, technology and sales channels most companies will have disparate data sources. 


Being able to bring all data sources in to a single unified view will help you to mange and make sense of all your data.


Alytix Marketing have solutions and expertise to help you unify data silo's and generate actionable customer insights.

What is A Unified Customer View?

Also called a single customer view, it is gathering all your customer data to better understand how your customer interacts with your brand. It involves unifying data across all your customer touchpoints to create a view that can help you make better informed decisions about your customer.

A common approach to unifying customer data is through the development of a customer data platform (CDP). Alytix™ CDP is a done for you solution that helps marketing and ecommerce teams gain clear insight into their customer behaviour.

Benefits of A Unified Customer View

A unified customer view is an important goal in any data driven marketing team. Trying to get a clear understanding of your marketing effectiveness and customer behaviour by analysing data in silo's can be time consuming and provide inaccurate insight.

The benefits of a unified customer view are:

  • Quicker and more effective data analysis and reporting.

  • Improved insight into customer behaviour and customer lifetime value.

  • Easier to identify customer segments and behavioural clusters.

  • Better able to implement a personalised customer experience.

  • Eradicate data silos.

  • Increase marketing effectiveness.

  • Improve customer service.

  • Quick and easy access to each customers interactions with your brand.

What Will We Deliver?

We help our customers deliver a unified customer view through our technology, analytics, customer data platform expertise:

Build a Unified Data Pipeline

  • Align the right data sources with your measurement strategy – we identify what data is necessary for your business to create an accurate picture of your customer.

  • ETL and centralise data management - we extract, transfer and load your data into a centralised location for data management. This will enable us to clean and prepare data for accurate analysis.

  • Blend and join data sources – we identify data dimensions from all the data sources that need to be blended and joined to create the foundation of data unification.

Custom Analytics & Visualisation

  • Marketing Analytics – we provide analysis on how your customers have interacted with your marketing campaigns.

  • Ecommerce Analytics – We create a single view of how your customer has interacted with your store. Blending web analytics with CRM and marketing data will help establish how each customer buys from you.

  • Behavioural Analytics we identify behavioural pattens through applying segmentation, customer lifetime value, RFM and market basket analysis. We make sure you can create personalised campaigns based on individual behavioural preferences.

Alytix Customer Data Platform

  • One View for all your data - Our CDP integrates all data and analysis into a single platform. Our visualisations and dashboards provide interactive views so you can slice and dice through the data and obtain insights.

  • Automated reporting – our unified platform will save your team hours on manual data analysis and reporting. Simply login and keep up to date across all your campaigns and channels.

  • Reduced reliance on IT – No need to keep raising a ticket with IT every time you need to conduct custom analysis or tracking. We make sure all your needs are covered in the CDP.

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