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Paid Search and
PPC Agency

We offer data driven paid search and PPC services to help you deliver your advertising to your target audience.


We take a unique data driven approach to your advertising. We make the best use of data to ensure that from your ad creative to your targeting you are crafting personalised messages to the right audience at the right time.

Data Driven Approach for Paid Search and PPC

We work with you to understand your data.  We then supplement this with 3rd party data to get a better understanding of keywords your users use on search engines.

We do the work and process all of this data to help you get your best return of investment.  We have Alytix CDP where you the client can log in, view and interact with your bespoke reports


Our Alytix CDP is central to this approach which provides analytics models that help our clients understand the best actions to take to optimise their advertising ROI.


Combining our CDP analytics and our paid advertising expertise we deliver a truly data driven solution for our clients.

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A 360 Degree View of the Customer Journey

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When running paid search or PPC campaigns the customer journey is rarely a linear process. A typical customer may click on the advert a couple of times and may take a number of days to research your product. This may also involve returning to your site several times before deciding to engage with your business, whether that’s a purchase or handing over their personal details.


However, we make sure that information is tracked through the appropriate tag and conversion implementations. The problem that this can create is that data is recorded in multiple platforms with each platform providing unique information to the customer journey.


Using our CDP will help you see your disparate data sources as one unified, easy to understand  reports.  This helps to understand the various data and customer touch-points along the customer journey

Paid Search Agency

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This is an effective form of advertising to drive traffic to your website from search engines.


Paid search is paying for search traffic through keyword bidding to place advertising on search engines sponsored ad positions. They are usually found in prime search engine rankings such as at the top of search rankings.

PPC Agency

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Pay per click (PPC) is exactly as the name suggests as you will pay based on the number of times users click on your advertisement.


Whilst Paid Search is a form of PPC it is based on search and keyword behaviour. Other forms of PPC marketing are likely to be based on demographic targeting, media placement and format.


For example, PPC is effectively deployed in social channels such as Facebook and Instagram and can be delivered through media formats such as video, image, gif etc.

Paid Search and PPC Campaigns Analytics

Our customers can benefit from our proprietary analytics models that assess:

Campaign Performance Analytics:

  • Historical Overview – we take a look at all historical data related to your advertising campaigns evaluating what has worked and what has not.

  • Conversion tracking and ROI – we assess what factors are contributing to clicks and conversions or any other factor that influences your ROI

Audience Segments Analytics

  • Demographic Profiling – ensure your advertising is targeted towards specific customer personas based on key demographics such as age, gender, location and buying history.

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) – Measuring CLTV of your customers can enable you to proportion more budget to higher value customers. It can also determine the effectiveness of your paid search and advertising by assessing if the channel is delivering higher value customers.

Predictive Analytics

  • Propensity to Buy - Identify customer who have a greater propensity to buy either by a certain time or specific products or services.

  • Media Mix Modelling – Predict the effects of budget allocation to ensure you are generating ROI for your advertising spend. Compare how effective your Paid search and ads are to other marketing channels.

  • Attribution Analytics – Attribute how much ROI paid search and paid ads are contributing to your marketing strategy

Our Paid Search and PPC Process

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Audit & analysis

This step is where we combine an understanding of your campaign objectives, marketing strategy and our in-house data analysis framework. Piecing together what you are trying to achieve and what the data is informing us will help us to develop a clear picture of what we need to do to deliver ROI.

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Strategy design

Taking the information gathered from the audit and the insights from our data analysis we will design a campaign strategy. We will provide the strategy in a format that is clear and easy to understand.

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Campaign set-up

During this step we take care of all of the set-up requirements. From the set-up of the adverts, implantation of the tags and conversions to ensuring we are collecting the data required to effectively measure and optimise the process.

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We launch the campaigns based on A/B testing methods to test out variables that will generate better advertising performance. We continually implement optimisation techniques based on insights from our data analysis. Optimisation is a continual process and through our proprietary analytics we keep our finger on the pulse for any optimisation opportunities.

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Measure and Insights

We create end to end transparency on your campaigns, providing automated reporting through our bespoke CDP that all of our clients have access to. We also like to work hand in hand with our clients, regularly reviewing the performance and analytics. No-one understands your business better than you and taking a collaborative approach enables us to become an extension of your team.

Paid Search and PPC Services We Offer

Google Ads

Google Shopping

Facebook and Instagram Ads


Paid Media Analytics

Tag Management and Implementation

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We'd love to get to the bottom of your data, marketing and performance headaches. Book in for a free discovery call and we will guide you towards the first step for success.

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