Our Approach

We take a data driven approach to all of our services and solutions with the aim of increasing your data and marketing analytics maturity.

Alytix Data and Marketing Maturity Model

The data and marketing maturity model assesses our customers existing level of competence and maturity for implementing a data driven marketing and analytics strategy. We can tailor our services and solutions to help increase your level of data and marketing maturity over time.

Alytix Data Maturity Model.png

Developing a Roadmap for Success


Attaining a high level of data and marketing maturity does not happen over night. It also requires continued review and investment to ensure your company maintains their level of data maturity. The technology and market is so fast paced that stagnant companies can be left behind.

We support our customers with developing a roadmap for achieving their desired level of data maturity and maintaining their standards.

Our range of solutions and expertise can support your business over time with their data driven marketing needs.

It could be ensuring the fundamentals of tracking and measurement is applied today but a desire to implement predictive analytics capabilities in the future.

Whatever the detail and timeframe of your roadmap, Alytix Marketing is the ideal partner to achieve data driven marketing success.

Alytix Customer Data Platform + Consultancy

Our Alytix Customer Data Platform is our core solution that underpins the delivery of many of our services and capabilities.

The flexible platform ensures our customers can easily access and analyse their data in a single source of truth.

The cutting edge visualisations that are embedded into the platform enables us to support our customers with key insight generation. Our customers are also able to generate their own insights to action into their marketing.

The platform develops with the customer over time to align with their developing data and marketing maturity roadmap.

Our Onboarding Process

Demo Our Platform

We provide a demo of our Alytix customer data platform and analytics capabilities to showcase to the customer what can be achieved by partnering with us. We also understand your objectives and what you are wanting to achieve.

Scope and Solution Design

Once we understand your business requirements and objectives we can provide a solution based on our packages or provide a bespoke solution. 

Audit and Strategy

Before we get started on any work we want to understand your current level of data maturity and conduct a thorough marketing and data audit. This helps us to shape the right strategy and approach to delivering our solutions effectively to you.

Get to Work

Our team will get to work on implementing our solutions based on your requirements. Whether that's beginning with a measurement strategy design, marketing campaign research or getting straight into connecting data sources. Each client will have their own unique path to success.

Continued Support and Consultancy

We are an extension of your team. We continue to provide support and consultancy so your team is driving the business forward through data driven best practice and embedding a data driven culture.

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