Personalised Marketing

Customers expect some form of personalisation when they visit a website or receive communication from a brand.

Yet so many companies fail at implementing personalisation strategies at key moments in the customer journey.

Personalisation has been proven to increase conversions, acquisition and customer retention. For companies to leverage competitive advantage it is important to implement personalisation into your marketing strategy.

What is Personalised Marketing

Personalisation marketing is being able to deliver content on an individual customer level. The ability to deliver individual content is based on customer behavioural data and analysis that identify personalisation opportunities. 

Companies are able to act on these opportunities through the use of automation technologies and data driven campaigns.

Benefits of Personalised Marketing

Personalised marketing benefits both your customer and your business. Your customer feel that your company understand their needs and pain points while your business is able to communicate on an individual level with your customers.


The 3 main benefits from personalised marketing are:

  • A better customer experience. It can make the buying process much easier and convenient for the customer.

  • Improved return on investment and cost per acquisition. Personalisation improves and engagement and conversions directly impacting your bottom line.

  • Imrpoved customer loyalty. Being able to communicate on an individual level and show understanding of their concerns will increase retention rates and turn loyal customers in brand advocates.

Our Personalised Marketing Services

Our advertising customers can benefit from our proprietary analytics models that assess:

Goals and Strategy:

  • Goal Setting - We align your personalisation plan with your retention and acquisition strategies.

  • Analysis - We analyse the customer segments, the customer journey and identify micro-moments where we can adopt personalisation strategies.

  • Technology - Based on the insights and strategies we identify technologies that can facilitate personalisation.

Personalisation Campaigns

  • Campaign Set-up – We help you to set-up campaigns and technology adoption to ensure personalisation can be created throughout the customer journey.

  • Automation - We set-up any automation tools and processes to ensure personalisation can be automated and triggered based on customer actions and journey.

Measure and Optimise

  • Single customer View – We provide a single view of the customer and track their interactions with your website to be able to communicate on an individual level.

  • Optimise and Behaviour Analysis - We identify behaviours that can optimise your personalisation strategy. For example, users who have not logged into a customer portal receive a notification to re-engage. 

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