Data Visualisation and Insight

We bring your data to life through easy to interpret and interactive dashboards.

Our visualisations make it easy for marketers and professionals who are not trained analysts to make data driven decisions. 

The visualisations break down complex and large data sets into visual representations so you can receive answers to your data questions and insights fast.

What Is Data Visualisation?

Data Visualisation provides a visual representation of multiple data sets for easier interpretation. It helps to identify trends and insights that can be buried in your data. 

Our visualisations provide business and marketing intelligence that would have otherwise been difficult to identify. 

Our visualisations are provided in the form of interactive dashboards that can help marketers and executives drill down deeper into their data. Identifying patterns and relationships between various data sources is essential for any data driven business.

Benefits of Data Visualisations

The main benefit of Data Visualisations is that they make data much easier to analyse and facilitate data driven decisions. The benefits for marketers and executives are:

  • Create faster and more efficient reporting and analytics.

  • Make data accessible to non analysts and techies.

  • Identify insights that require action.

  • Communicate ROI and marketing performance.

  • Create better understanding of your audience and customer behaviour.

  • Know what metrics your business needs to keep a close eye on.

  • Makes data and analysing more interesting and fun.

Our Data Visualisation Services

Our customers can benefit from our data visualisation capabilites:

Data Preparation:

  • Audit - We begin by understanding our customer requirements and assess what data sources are needed to create the desired visualisation.

  • Clean and Prepare - We clean and prepare the data to ensure we are only working with relevant data and generating trustworthy insights.

Data Integration

  • Data Pipeline – We construct the data pipeline to ensure data can be easily transferred into the dashboard.

  • Unify Data Sources - If we are dealing with multiple sources we blend and join data to create a unified repository of data. This enables us to create insights that cannot be discovered in data silos.

Data Visualisation

  • Visualisation Design – We design out the visualisation in accordance with the customer specifications and design best practices.

  • Custom Features - We can build in custom features such as dashboard interactivity, filters, tooltips, highlighters that can help you to slice and dice through the data as you require.

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