Analytics Consultancy

Our consulting solutions empower your marketing and eCommerce data insight into actions.

We work with you to ensure data and analytics is embedded into the culture of your business.

Our consulting solutions get to the bottom of important business and marketing questions to enhance performance.

We can either focus our consulting expertise on an area of your business or take a holistic approach to identify optimisation opportunities.

By combining our Alytix™ Platform and marketing campaign services we provide an end to end solution to action on insights and drive change.

Alytix Marketing Consulting Overcome Your Data Driven Marketing Challenges and Personalise Your Experience at Every Customer Touchpoint

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Goals & Strategy

Create the blueprint for success. Know what you want to achieve and let the data guide you to how you should achieve it and why your audience engage with you.

Data Integration

We make sure you are integrating and blending the most appropriate data sources to generate the answers you need.


Advanced Analysis

We apply advanced analysis with metric evaluation to provide a thorough analysis of customer data points.

Examples of advanced analysis are retention and churn rate analysis, RFM, customer lifetime value, segmentation and basket analysis.

Insights to Action

We provide end to end solutions to ensure you can create impact and change from insights.

Our Alytix™ Platform, consulting and marketing campaign services will ensure your team become truly data driven.


Our expertise and solutions will guide you to the answers that generate growth.

Marketers and eCommerce teams need to be able answer critical questions of their marketing campaigns and customer behaviour.

We make sure you can answer these questions accurately, dynamically and in a timely manner.

Questions we consistently help marketing and eCommerce teams answer are:

  • Which segments are our best performing customers?

  • Why are we struggling to retain clients from one of our profitable clusters?

  • How can we improve churn rates?

  • Which services are products are best to up-sell?

  • Why has conversion rates decreased?

  • Which campaigns are having best impact on which type of customers?

  • How should we allocate budget across multi-channel campaigns?

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