Analytics Audits and Measurement Strategy

The objective of our analytics audits and measurement strategy is to ensure you have the foundations in place to execute data driven marketing.

We increase the confidence and trust in your data by making sure your data collection and tracking is accurate.

Without organised data management and accurate data your insights may lead to the wrong implementations in your marketing and strategy. 

We assess all of your analytics tools and data sources to identify improvements that can increase your level of analytics maturity. 

What is An Analytics Audit?

An analytics audit is the first stage in developing your measurement and analytics strategy. It is used to identify what your current level of data and analytics maturity. The audit also identifies gaps and improvements that can be made to reach an attainable level of data and analytics maturity to achieve your business objectives.

We often conduct audits prior to integrating our customers data into our Alytix Customer Data Platform. This ensures we have confidence in the insights we are generating for our customers.

Benefits of An Analytics Audit

An analytics audit will:

  • Create trust in your data.

  • Configure all data platforms to exclude inaccurate or dirty data.

  • Help you track the data and customer touchpoints that matter.

  • Understand which KPI's are critical to your business objectives.

  • Organise and prepare data ready for analysis.

  • Understand the questions you need to ask of your data. 

  • Accurate measurement so you know what marketing is working and what is not

  • Ensure marketing campaigns are configured and designed for optimal results.

  • Create an efficient and effective measuring and reporting process

  • Make sure you are visualising the data correctly and with best dashboard and reporting practices.

  • Creates a good foundation to develop a data driven marketing strategy.

Our audits and measurement strategy will provide a clear and manageable framework that aligns with your business obejctives 

What Data Do We Audit?

First of all we identify where your data is being collected and stored. This can range from any of the following:

  • Analytics platforms e.g. google analytics

  • Tag management systems e.g. google tag manager

  • CRM systems

  • Marketing platforms e.g. google ads

  • SEO analytics e.g. search console

  • Sales Channels e.g. ecommerce and transactional data

  • Visualisation tools e.g. Tableau

We can either audit an individual platform such as CRM or google analytics or we can provide a complete audit. The complete audit will identify all your potential customer touchpoints and data sources and evaluate each against our set criteria.

What Will We Deliver?

The two main outputs of an audit are 1) Audit action plan 2) Measurement strategy

Audit Action Plan:

  • Improvement Actions – we take a look at all historical data related to your advertising campaigns evaluating what has worked and what has not.

  • Data and Analytics Maturity Benchmark – we assess what factors are contributing to clicks and conversions or any other factor that influences your ROI

  • Implementation and review guide - We provide a guide on necessary implementations. We also provide timelines on when to review the implementations and audit frequency.

Measurement Strategy:

  • Measurement Objectives - Identify customer who have a greater propensity to buy either by a certain time or specific products or services.

  • Analytics Strategy – Predict the effects of budget allocation to ensure you are generating ROI for your advertising spend. Compare how effective your Paid search and ads are to other marketing channels.

  • KPI's and Metrics Selection – Attribute how much ROI paid search and paid ads are contributing to your marketing strategy

Our Audit and Measurement Strategy Process

Business Objectives Workshop

Your analytics and measurement strategy needs to be aligned with your business and marketing objectives. This will ensure you are tracking and measuring what's important to your business and strategy. Our workshop will provide us with a good understanding of your business and provide clear plan of requirements to undertake a thorough audit process.

Conduct Audit

Once we have established a clear plan of requirements we audit and review all your data sources, platforms and strategies. Using our own in-house tools and frameworks we identify and document any gaps and improvements that can be made to your analytics, measurement and marketing strategies.

Report initial Findings

We report back our initial findings to keep your customers informed at every step of the process. We then evaluate our findings before putting forward recommendations for implementation.

Measurement Strategy Workshop

With both parties having a clear picture of the findings we work with the customer to assess and develop a clear roadmap on what needs to be measured and reported. 

Deliver Audit Action Plan and Measurement Strategy

Armed with all audit information and feedback from the customer we can assess all implementation requirements. We will devise an audit action plan to implement data and analytics improvements and a measurement strategy that is aligned with your business and marketing objectives. 

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