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Marketing Analytics

Using Marketing Analytics to gain insight is essential for any data driven marketing team.

Our marketing analytics services provide clear understanding of the effectiveness of your marketing.

Gaining clearer understanding of how your audience engages with you will improve ROI and campaign performance.

What is Marketing Analytics?

Marketing analytics is measuring, managing and analysing marketing effectiveness. It provides clear understanding of what marketing works and what doesn't. However, marketing analytics allows you to drill deeper to understand:

  • Why marketing is performing or not?

  • How customers are engaging with your campaigns?

  • Which tactics will help to improve campaign performance?

  • Which campaigns are generating ROI?

  • Where should we allocate and proportion our marketing budget?

  • What message and creative engages our audience the most effective?

It also serves to provide clearer understanding of customer behaviour by answering:

  • Who are our most valuable customers?

  • Which customers are more likely to convert?

  • Which segments respond best to our campaigns?

  • How can we improve churn and retention?

  • What is the customer journey?

Benefits of Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics will provide clear insight across you all your marketing campaigns and channels. With the exponential increase in marketing platforms, channels and technology it is not easy to compare and contrast what is working and what is not.

Marketing analytics creates a unified view of all your marketing campaigns to:

  • improve decision making by turning data into intelligence.

  • Move your organisation away from analysing each campaign and marketing channel in silo. 

  • Save time on reporting and analysis.

  • Spend marketing budgets more effectively.

  • Gain insights and action that optimise marketing performance.

  • Provide the marketing team of a clear plan on what needs to be done.

  • Measure and quantify your goals and objectives.

Our Marketing Analytics Services

Our marketing analytics services will provide the following:

Campaign Performance Analytics:

  • Unified view - We extract and unify all your campaign data for effective comparison and insights.

  • Campaign Comparison – we provide you with the ability to compare the effectiveness of your campaigns and what is generating ROI.

  • Marketing Channels Comparison – we assess all of your marketing channels and understand where to allocate budget. It also provides clearer understanding of how your customer engages with each channel.

Segmentation & Predictive Analytics

  • Segmentation - Understand which campaigns and channels are engaging each customer segment. This will help to create better personalisation for each campaign and channel.

  • Media Mix Modelling – Know where to spend your budget and proportion your marketing spend.

  • Attribution Analytics – Attribute which channel and campaign is providing ROI throughout the customer journey.

Automated Reporting

  • Visualisation – we create easy to understand visualisations and dashboards so you can keep track of your marketing. Also, be able to ask important questions of your data.

  • Automated analytics – Save time on reporting and analysis with timely updating and flow of data into our marketing analytics visualisations.

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