Marketing Analytics

All marketing strategies and plans should incorporate data driven strategic decision marketing. It takes the guess work away from marketing.


This is the role of marketing analytics. It enables you to clearly understand your past performance and your present situation so you can accurately forecast and predict your future.


Alytix Marketing use technologies such as Google Analytics and Tableau to analyse you data, deliver it in a single view and create relevant insights so you can separate marketing that doesn’t work from the marketing that does.


Click in the links below to understand more about out marketing analytics services:

We set-up google analytics and tag manager for effective tracking of your website and digital assets performance

We explore any gaps in your data, make sure you are collecting and measuring the right data sets for your marketing.

We apply the appropriate data analysis to generate actionable insights that best inform your marketing

You can tap into our expertise to ensure the data is interpreted accurately to maximise effectiveness and ensure you are never left in the dark with marketing analytics.

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