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Ecommerce Analytics

Ecommerce analytics is important to make data driven decisions that can increase online sales.

Understanding your customers behaviour and buying patterns will enable you to build more engaging customer experiences.

This is not an easy process to get right as customers buying patterns and journeys are evolving all the time. Ecommerce analytics will give you the insight to deliver on customer expectations and one step ahead of the competition.

What is Ecommerce Analytics?

Ecommerce analytics is the ability to collect, measure and analyse data from all your online sales channels.

Shoppers have a wealth of choice and often ecommerce brands have multiple sales channels e.g. website, amazon, ebay and other shopping marketplaces. 

Being able to understand behaviour across all channels has become essential to understand where your high value customer segments shop.


Gaining deeper understanding across multi-channels is key to understand the customer journey to improve acquisition, retention and conversion.

Benefits of Ecommerce Analytics

Ecommerce analytics will give you better visibility of your business from understanding your customer, marketing effectiveness, inventory and product trends.

The benefits of ecommerce analytics are:

  • Understand customer segments to offer your customer personalised shopping experiences.

  • Understand customer behaviour and their product preferences.

  • Understand buying habits and seasonality.

  • Improve marketing effectiveness.

  • Improve conversions to acquire new customers and retain existing customers.

  • Optimise pricing.

  • Better forecast future sales.

  • Increase revenue.

Our Ecommerce Analytics Services

Our ecommerce analytics services will provide the following:

Sales Analytics:

  • Unified view - We extract and unify data from all your ales channels to easily compare and contrat performance.

  • Sales Trends – we drill down into your sales trends so you can understand the reasons behind increase or decrease in sales.

  • Forecasting – we provide forecating analytics so you know where to allocate your budgets and inventory.

Behavioural Analytics

  • Segmentation - Understand buying behaviour by customer segment. Identify segments by behaviour, value and lifecycle to craft personalised customer experiences.

  • Customer Lifetime Value - Understand your high value customers to optimise your marketing effectiveness and budget allocation.

  • Market Basket Analysis – Gain insight on what products your customers buy together and predict their next product purchase. Also understand key metrics like cart abandonment rate.

  • Retention and Churn – Know how well you are retaining your customers and what actions you need to take to convert loyal customers into brand advocats.

One View of Your Ecommerce Data

  • Visualisation – visualise your ecommerce and customer data in our interactive dashboards. Slice and dice through the data to generate actionable insight.

  • Automated analytics – Stay on top of your ecommerce performance with our automated reporting and dashboards.

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