Marketing and Analytics Training

Data and analytics technologies are moving at a fast pace.


We provide training services to keep your team's data driven marketing and analytics skills up to date.

We provide training either as a standalone service or part of our solutions and services.

How Do We Deliver Training?

We deliver teacher led training workshops which can be provided online over video conference or in person.


Our workshops are designed to either up skill your workforce or provide training support for our Alytix™ customer data platform and services.


By working closely with us our training services will improve your teams data driven marketing and analytics competency.

Benefits of Training Services

Data driven marketing and analytics is changing at such a pace that it can be challenging to be able to keep on top of all new trends, technologies and skills.

The benefits of our training are:

  • Flexible workshop approach to deliver training on areas where there are skill gaps.

  • Training designed to your needs.

  • Make sure your team maximises the output of our platforms and services.

  • Can offer regular support and knowledge transfer to keep your team at the forefront of data driven marketing and analytics.

Our Marketing and Analytics Training Services

We offer the following training services and workshops

Training Workshops:

  • Bespoke Training - We can design a training programme to suit your requirements. We can identify any areas of skill gaps and develop a training programme to build competency within your team.

  • Google Analytics - We increase your teams competency in google analytics covering all topics that will ensure your team have a good understanding of how to use google analytics.

  • Fundamentals to Analytics and Data Driven Marketing - A workshop to provide your team with a fundamental understanding of implementing a data driven marketing strategy.

Solutions Training Support

  • Customer Data Platform - We provide training for all Alytix customer data platform users to ensure you are able to maximise the potential of the platform for your needs.

  • Data Analysis and Dashboards – We provide training on how to use our dashboards  for data analysis so you are able to slice and dice through the data and generate insights.

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