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Email Marketing Agency

Email marketing is an effective channel of lead generation and communication with your customers.


However, email marketing has become a lot more than just regularly emailing your contact list. It has become an essential growth tool that enables you to create highly relevant messages to list segments personalised by customer behaviour.

Email Marketing Driven By Data

We advance your email marketing beyond just tracking open and click rates. We analyse your data to understand your customer behaviour so you can deliver targeted campaigns.


We analyse various data points to ensure email marketing messages are timely and relevant.


Whether it’s making sure you have cart abandonment emails, retention emails, event trigger email sequences or relevant promotions we make sure that communication is based on behavioural data.


This type of email communication based on behavioural data helps us to understand customer preferences and improve engagement with your audience.

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Create Highly Personalised Email Marketing Campaigns

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Based on customer behaviour we create audience segments to ensure the message is personalised and relevant.


Audiences can be segmented by behavioural attributes, product purchase, content preferences, demographics etc. Once the segments have been identified we can begin to tailor and personalise the content to the needs and preferences of each segment.


We personalise every element of the email marketing campaign. From email frequency to email subject lines to specific segment content. Personalisation has been proven to increase engagement rates and ROI.


We can A/B test campaigns to further optimise personalisation strategies and ensure we are delivering engaged communications to your audience.

Analytics We Use For Email Marketing

Performance Analytics

We track email marketing performance metrics to make sure you have a complete view of your email marketing effectiveness. Below are examples of performance metrics:

  • Open rates

  • Click rates

  • Engagement rates

  • Conversion rates

  • ROI

  • Unsubscribe rates

  • Active subscribers

Engagement Analytics

We analyse how effectively your email campaigns engage your audience. We don’t just look at performance metrics but also analytics throughout the customer journey.


Funnel Analytics

Understanding what stage your customers are in the customer journey is important to know when to send timely email communications. Increasing the relevancy of your emails by the stage of the customer journey can significantly increase email engagement and your customer taking the required action.

Segmentation Analytics

We segment your audience by various factors such as demographic, behavioural and customer lifetime value.


Understanding how each segment performs and engages with your email content can help us to optimise email campaigns.  Particularly, by making sure we tailor each email campaign to the preferences of each segment, which ensures the campaigns are personalised to your audience.

Our Email Marketing Process

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Audit & analysis

We analyse your past email performance to understand what has worked and what hasn’t. Using our analytics models we also assess segmentation, engagement, retention, churn and behaviour to make sure your email campaigns are addressing your customer preferences and trends.

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Strategy design

Based on the insights delivered from the audit and analysis we design a strategy taking into consideration all stages of the email funnel. From collecting email subscribers through to conversion and retention, we make sure that your email is delivering engagement and relevancy at each stage of the funnel.

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Segmentation and List Management

Before we launch your campaigns we make sure you audience is organised in relevant segments and cleaned to deliver optimal results and engagement.

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Create Emails and Sequences

We tailor the copy to each segment and stage of the marketing funnel. Where possible we design automated sequences based on trigger actions or subscriber behaviour. In combination with personalised copy and email flows we can deliver a personalised email experience for your customers.

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Measure, Insights and Optimisation

We launch the email campaigns with A/B testing to analyse which variables are generating the best results. We delve deep into engagement metrics and follow the customer journey through to the desired action to make sure the email campaign is delivering on your objectives. Through automated analytics and reporting we can easily keep a check on the performance of your email campaigns.

Email Marketing Services We Offer

Email Automation

Email Analytics

Email Personalisation

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We'd love to get to the bottom of your data, marketing and performance headaches. Book in for a free discovery call and we will guide you towards the first step for success.

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