Web Analytics

Web analytics is important to understand how your users interact with your website. 

Being able to identify key metrics and behaviours on your website are essential to optimising marketing and sales performance.

Web analytics in combination with other data sources can provide useful insight to personalise user journeys.

What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics is the collection, measure and analysis of user interaction with your website and online content. It provides an overview if your website is meeting your audience expectations.

Web analytics tracks key behaviour metrics such as website visits, session duration, bounce rate, page views and how often users returned.

It can also provide insights on your audience such as gender, age, content that is of interest and which location they are based.

Importantly, it also tracks where the users have come from to visit your website e.g. social media, paid media, email and referral traffic.

Benefits of Web Analytics

Your website is an important channel to promote your brand, services and engage your audience. 

Web analytics will provide you with the insight to know how effective your website is at engaging your audience. Web analytics will help you to understand:

  • Which content is driving traffic to the site.

  • Which content is engaging and converting users into customers.

  • Where your users exit the site.

  • How many visits to the website before a user takes action on your website.

  • What is the most common path to take action on your website.

  • How you can improve your website customer experience.

  • Better understand your online audience and improve the targeting of your marketing campaigns.

  • Insight into which campaigns and traffic sources are driving user interaction on the website.

Our Web Analytics Services

Our web analytics services will provide the following:

Analytics Audits and Strategy:

  • Audits - We audit your web analytics tools to make sure you tracking accurate data.

  • Measurement Strategy - We put in place a measurement strategy that is aligned with your objectives. This provides a clear roadmap on what implementations need to be put in place.

Analytics Implementation

  • Google Analytics Configuration – We make sure your google analytics is set-up to track and measure all KPI's that are important to your business.

  • Tag Management – we set-up and configure tags to track conversions and events on your website.

  • Segments - we identify behaviours in the data that are worth creating segments. This enables us to create personalised experiences for specific segments such as frequent visitors or all converters. 

Blend with Customer, Marketing and Sales Data

  • Single Source of Truth – web analytics does not always provide the complete picture of the customer journey or marketing effectiveness. By blending the data with other data sources you can keep track of all areas of your business without having to switch between silo'd data and platforms.

  • User friendly visualisation – Don't overwhelm yourself with every metric and KPI. Stay focused on the metrics that matter with our interactive dashboards that help you to drill down deeper in to the data if required.

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