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Power Your Marketing and Sales with Alytix Marketing Data Driven Solutions

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We can show you how we:

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Unify your data sources into a single view

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Generate actionable insights

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Cut down lots of time on reporting

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Create data driven strategies

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Optimise your marketing

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Boost ROI and Sales

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Why Data Driven Teams Trust Alytix

Analytics for Multi Channel

Alytix™ is purpose built for multi channel sales and marketing strategies. Connect across your customer touch-points to optimise each step of the customer journey.

Unifies Across Channels

Move away from data silos and data manual handling. Experience the unified platform that Alytix™ delivers. 

Analytics for Marketing  & Ecommerce

We understand the headaches and opportunities that data can bring for marketing & ecommerce teams. Reduce your reliance on IT and other departments and view all your marketing campaigns in one view.

Analysis Tailored for Personalisation

Alytix™ has pre-built analysis to identify key behaviour, segments and clusters. Fine tune and personalise for every audience.

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The Alytix Difference

Alytix™ is more than just a platform. We will become an extension of your team, working with you to bring your data to life and turn insight into action.

Extension of Your Team

 From data audits right through to managing your marketing campaigns we ensure you make full use of your data.

Custom Analysis

Every company will need to ask different questions of their data. Sometimes a pre built platform won't provide all the answers you need. With our flexible model we can provide custom data analysis to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Actionable Insights

We help you turn your data and insights into actions. We help you make best use of insight to optimise campaign performance.

Turning Data Into An Asset

Data is more valuable than oil. We help you create an ecommerce data ecosystem that becomes your competitive advantage.

Save time and cost

No development required

Fully hosted platform

Unify silo data sources

Dedicated analyst

Campaign Management Services

Interactive dashboards

Leading analytics technologies

Still Not Convinced.....

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Trusted by Industry and Leading Technology Partners

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