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Cwtch Dental Care

Cwtch Dental Care is a new and family friendly dental clinic offering holistic dental treatments.  We work with Cwtch Dental Care to ensure they can increase their patient engagement, bookings and brand awareness in their local area around Cardiff.

The Approach

Following a strategy meeting with Cwtch Dental Clinic it was determined that a website and SEO audit was necessary to establish Cwtch Dental Clinic's potential for increasing traffic to their website.


We also benchmarked Cwtch Dental Care against local competition to establish key ranking factors potential and gaps. The audit's identified opportunities to increase the online presence focusing on a local SEO strategy.

The Solution

We provided an SEO strategy that focused on re-structuring content on the website that aligned with our keyword strategy and competition benchmarking.

We also analysed their clinical CRM system to identify customer behaviour and retention patterns. By integrating their CRM, google analytic, google search console and marketing data into our Alytix Customer Data Platform, Cwtch Dental Clinic are able to monitor Clinic and marketing performance.

Using our Analytics as a Service, we provide Cwtch Dental Care with insights and advice to optimise booking rates and marketing performance.

The Challenge

Cwtch Dental Care had not long opened to NHS patients and requested the help of Alytix Marketing to help raise awareness of the dental practice in Cardiff. Their main objective was to increase their bookings and number of new patient acquisition. It also required support to re-engage existing clients as the clinic had been closed for a period of time due to Covid restrictions.

The Results

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Increase in google rankings for target keywords (as shown in the graph below).

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Increase in organic traffic by 95% in 6 months.

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Increase in booking rate and private patient booking numbers.

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Clearer insight across their patient behaviour and using analytics to assess marketing performance.

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