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Hassle Free Boilers

We have a long term relationship with Hassle Free Boilers. We work with their management team to establish strategies and insight. We also support their marketing and sales team to generate leads. 

The Approach

We began by analysing past campaigns to understand what worked well and what could be improved. We also analysed various customer touch-points such as entrance and landing pages to establish the most effective content for engagement and lead conversion.

A full website, SEO and competitor audit was carried out to establish Hassle Free Boilers best opportunities for increasing organic traffic and converting leads. We established an understanding of the effectiveness and potential of various channels for Hassle Free Boilers to achieve their objectives.

The Solution

We implemented a google ads and SEO campaign to increase lead generation with funnel and conversion data tracking. For google ads we began with A/B testing various ad creative variables and scaled up based on optimisation insights. We focused the campaign on keywords that demonstrated a combination of high conversion rate and lower keyword competition to achieve lower cost per lead.


We also connected our data analysis to their Mircosoft Dynamics CRM so we could build a picture of KPI's throughout the sales funnel keeping a focus on cost per customer acquisition.

We carried out technical fixes and updates on their website recommended from our SEO audit to increase Hassle Free Boilers domain authority and lead generation from organic traffic.

Solar Thermal Project

Based on the data and insight we had collected from the lead generation for the Hassle Free Boilers product campaigns we were able to quickly set-up a lead generation funnel for the launch of the Solar Thermal product.

The focus was on keywords that aligned with the buying intent of the ideal customer profile for solar thermal and the green homes grant scheme.  We also A/B tested landing page variables for optimal conversion success. 

The Challenge

Hassle Free Boilers wanted to improve their lead generation and sales process by reducing their cost per lead and cost per customer acquisition for their Hassle Free Boilers product.


They have also launched a new Solar Thermal product for customers who are eligible for the green homes grant. Hassle Free Boilers required us to establish a lead generation strategy to target a specific customer profile eligible for the green homes grant.

The Results

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Cost per lead and cost per acquisition targets were achieved and reduced beyond targets.

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ROI improved by 82% compared to previous Hassle Free Boiler Product lead generation campaigns.

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A return on ad spend (ROAS) of 49.4 for the Solar Thermal Campaign.

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Increased organic traffic by 54% year on year.

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