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Love Lane Brewing

Love Lane Brewing is in the heart of Liverpool's Baltic Triangle. They provide a craft brewery and Gin experience through their brewery and distillery, bar and kitchen and online shop.

The Approach

We began by assessing Love Lane Brewing's level of data maturity and measurement requirements. We began with configuring Google Analytics for advanced ecommerce. We then integrated their ecommerce website, google analytics and marketing campaign data into our Alytix Customer Data Platform.

We visualised Love Lane Brewery's data to report on ecommerce performance, marketing performance and customer behaviour analytics.

The Solution

Our Anlaytics as a Service and Alytix Customer Data Platform allows Love Lane Brewing to keep track of their ecommerce performance, web analytics, marketing campaigns and customer behaviour in one unified view. This has provided the ability to better forecast and predict future outcomes particularly by establishing customer product and buying preferences.


Alytix Customer Data Platform allows Love Lane Brewing Management team to make data driven decisions. Particularly, they are able to analyse behavioural insights such as retention, churn and customer lifetime value.

We also implemented a paid search and SEO strategy to help their ecommerce store rank higher on targeted keyword terms that were identified from thorough keyword research.

The Challenge

Love Lane Brewing had to close their brewery, distillery, bar and kitchen to the public during Covid lockdown and due to Covid restrictions. This provided an opportunity to increase online sales and build their brand awareness online. They acquired Alytix Marketing services to increase their online sales by integrating our data and analytics capabilities to build data driven marketing strategies based on insight. 

The Results

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Cut down time each month on reporting, collating and analysing data

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Uplift in sales and 5.02 Return on Ad Spend


Increased personalisation across the customer journey

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Clearer insight on customer behaviour and better predict future outcomes

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