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A leader in the sourcing ethical and natural oils and ingredients, Naissance is a fast growth company selling their products worldwide.

The Approach

We conducted a data audit and a strategy workshop to establish Naissance requirements and data maturity. Once we had understood their objectives we assessed which data sources were important to integrate, prepare and manage. We then established what KPI's, analysis and reports were important to them to ensure they could view their performance across all channels and platforms. We also assessed which analytic models would provide the mot appropriate insights.

The Solution

We provided Naissance with our Analytics as a Service solution by integrating and unifying multiple data sources into the Alytix Customer Data Platform. This meant that Naissance could track their sales performance across all website and marketplaces down to a product and single customer view.

We blended this data with their marketing campaign data such as google ads, google analytics and SEO data. This provided an overview of marketing campaign performance and behavioural insights that could help Naissance to optimise conversions and marketing.

We continued to support Naissance with data analysis and insights generation.

The Challenge

Naissance has established sales on multiple channels on 6 websites and Amazon Marketplaces. They were managing multiple websites and selling into various Amazon marketplaces to create a worldwide reach. They required a solution that made reporting on their data from the various channels and marketing platforms easier and less time consuming.

The Results

Reduced data in silo and time spent on reporting.

Clearer view of sales and marketing performance

New insights generated across sales and marketing mix to support optimisation.

Continued ecommerce growth Year on Year

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