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Solar Buddies

Solar Buddies produce a unique sunscreen applicator for children and outdoor enthusiasts. Selling worldwide, it's easy roll on application evenly distributes sunscreen so kids can apply sunscreen without the fuss and mess.

The Approach

We began with a data audit which indicated that google analytics required configuration and installation of advanced ecommerce. We created a measurement strategy to ensure Solar Buddies were able to analyse their ecommerce and marketing KPI's. The data was integrated from woocomerce, Amazon Market Places, Google Analytics, Social Media, Google Search Console and SEO to create a single source of truth across ecommerce and marketing channels.

The Solution

Solar Buddies benefited from our Analytics as a Service where they could make data driven decisions and create paid social campaigns based on insight.

The insight enabled Alytix Marketing to create segmented audiences based on customer cluster analysis and customer behaviour. This enabled Solar Buddies to improve their advertising targeting and increase engagement through personalisation.

The Alytix Customer Data Platform enabled Solar Buddies to compare their sales between their website and Amazon Marketplaces. They could attribute the impact of their advertising to each customer segment and sales channel.

The Challenge

Solar Buddies sell across multiple channels such as their woocommerce website and Amazon marketplaces. They requested the help of Alytix Marketing to put in place a measurement and analytics strategy to ensure they could track their ecommerce and online sales KPI's. They also wanted to generate actionable optimisation insights for their marketing, in particular their PPC campaigns on social media.

The Results

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Reduced data in silo and time spent on reporting.

Clearer view of sales and marketing performance

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New insights generated across sales and marketing mix to support optimisation.

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An increase by 2.84 for paid social return on ad spend (ROAS)

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