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How Data Driven Is Your Sales and Marketing?

We understand the challenges to become a data driven business. Alytix™ customer data platform is an easy to integrate and done for you analytics solution to power your data driven sales and marketing.

Combining our Alytix™ Customer Data Platform with consulting and marketing solutions. We are your fully integrated data driven marketing partner.

Automated reporting

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Automate your sales and marketing reports and increase your operational efficiency without the hassle of manual data handling.

Minimal reliance on I.T.

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Our solutions and platform will ensure you don't have to heavily rely on I.T. personnel to run data driven marketing campaigns.


Cutting down time on manual tasks, data preparation and analysis leaves you with more time to focus on driving revenue for your business.

Insights and optimisation


Find insights fast with our interactive customer data platform and delve deeper into your data with the help of our data analysts. 

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We become an extension of your team providing you with expertise in data integration, engineering and analysis. All the skills required to run a data driven marketing team.

A done for you solution

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A complete end to end data driven marketing solution without the hassle and investment of building a data pipeline, data analysis and recruiting.

Turn sales and marketing data into insight

Don't be overwhelmed by data. We understand the investment required to manage all your data sources, prepare the data for analysis and analyse the data for insight. It can take a lot of time and resource.

Our solutions provide the end to end process from developing a data driven marketing strategy, unifying and integrating data, analysing data and turning the insight into marketing actions. We can even help you manage and drive the campaigns.

We provide you with the expertise and resource to become truly data driven, at a fraction of the cost and time to build your own.

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Data Driven Solutions

Analytics as a Service

Integrating our Alytix customer data platform with our in-house data analyst and marketing expertise provides an end to end and done for you analytics as a service solution.

Analytics Consultancy and Training

Our consultancy services identifies improvements and gaps in your data driven marketing strategy. We provide services for every aspect from data collection, custom analysis and to how you implement data driven insights into your marketing campaigns. We can also up-skill your workforce through our training workshops.

Data Driven Marketing

Our data driven marketing services turn your insight into action. We can design, manage and execute your data driven marketing campaigns and generate ROI from your data driven strategy.

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